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The Krupp Gun

Image by Vaughan Curd

The Krupp Gun

Location Outside the Dominion Observatory

Alfred Krupp, 1812 - 1887

In his lifetime, Alfred Krupp manufactured a total of 24,576 guns: 10,666 for the German government and 13,910 for export.

Sculpture background

This artillery gun is a trophy rather than a sculpture. It was manufactured and used by the Germans in World War One as evidenced by the emblem of the Prussian Foot Guards Artillery Regiment on top of the barrel. This gun was captured on 29 September 1918 by New Zealand soldiers and kept as a war trophy.

Following the war the Krupp gun was brought back to New Zealand, and in 1920 it was gifted to the city of Wellington in recognition of the efforts of the Wellington regiment during the war.

The gun was originally on display in Newtown Park. In 1999 it was moved to its current site.