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Wellington Urban Forest

Artist Leon van den Eijkel and Hutt Valley engineer Allan Brown of Metallion Ltd.
Location On the waterfront walkway, across from St Patrick's College, Cobham Drive, Evans Bay.
Tour directions From the Zephyrometer walk along the coastline to the East. You will find the Wellington Urban Forest along this path.

Leon van den Eijkel

Van den Eijkel (b. 1940) was born and spend his earlier years in the the city of The Hague, Netherlands. Emigrating to New Zealand in 1986.

Sculpture background

"The Forest" consists of twenty-five aluminium cubes on three concrete stacks that rotate individually in the wind. The stacks are 9m high.

Leon says that until the age of five he never saw a tree.

"All the trees in my city had been cut down for heating so we children didn't know what a tree was. We had only black and white images of them. So we made urban trees from all sorts of wood, trips of cloth, broken pieces of glass and iron we found on the street."

Leon's art often paid homage to fellow Dutchman Piet Mondriaan (1872-1944), particularly with the use of rectangles of plain colour, but his palette is brighter and more extensive than Mondriaan's, befitting, as he sees it, his location in the Pacific.