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Artist Phil Price
Location On Evans Bay at the intersection of Evans Bay Parade and Cobham Drive.
Tour directions There is a car park next to the first sculpture. The entrance is on Evans Bay Parade. From there you can walk along the shore to the first 5 sculptures. Bus 6, 14, 25, 30, 31 and the Airport Flyer all take you from town close to the start of the coastal tour.

Failed device?

This device was used in the 1800's as a weather device, but it was a failed attempt. Now it is a work of art.

Sculpture background

A kinetic work of concrete, fibreglass and steel, its giant orange 26m long needle indicates the strength and direction of the wind. The needle pivots 22.5 degrees in any direction.

"It is a giant-sized yet beautiful machine. Its gentle lurching will in its own way gauge the wind of Wellington. It is a type of free-form gauge with a considerable reliance on precision engineering, which I am enjoying because, as well as the work being a scientific concept, it is also a science to design and build. It is like any well-designed object where the beauty is derived through its need to function."

Phil Price

(source:Art & About/ WST)