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Per Capita

Artist Cathryn Munro
Location On the corner of Cable and Tory Street
Tour directions Cross Waitangi Park towards the Museum Hotel

Quid pro quo

Per Capita is Latin for "for each head of population"

Sculpture background

Per Capita consists of four weathered steel plates depicting silhouettes of people of different age, sex and ethnicity. 

Monro explains the piece as:

"a visual conversation about the complexity of New Zealand's cultural identity...the portraits signify diversity in family histories throughout New Zealand and foremost is the notion that personal history is paramount in the formation of a national one"

The work was largely funded by a $100,000 donation from Chris Parkins, an art collector, board member of Te Papa and the owner of the neighbouring Museum Hotel.

Hear the artist discuss her work

On the origin of Per Capita

Is this the largest piece you've ever created?

Who do the portraits represent?

Is it so thick so the wind wont blow it away?

Audio from inspirationaltv.net.