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Artist Bill Culbert
Location Post Office Square, corner of Jervois Quay, Customhouse Quay and Grey Street
Tour directions Adjacent to De l'Autre Côté in Post Office Square

Serving suggestion

SkyBlues is best enjoyed at nighttime.

Sculpture background

SkyBlues seven upright steel poles and blue neon spirals at Post Office Square.

Artist Bill Culbert has written of SkyBlues:

"In daylight the neons are against a blue sky, fragile glass blue lines with fine steel supporting structures. Night time will make the artwork vibrate in a different way with the strong vertical movement of electric light at full power. The writing hand moves vertically up and down in space always changing to the moving viewer. Dawn and dusk the blue neon will be ever changing as with rain, winds and clouds. SkyBlues is light energy, the verticals and drawn lines that move, shimmer, swirl blue in cityscape."