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Solace of the Wind

Artist Max Patte
Location Leaning into the harbour on the north-east side of Te Papa
Tour directions Head along the east side of Te Papa to the the waterfront

The world is your cloister

Looking up towards Mt. Victoria you can see St Gerard's Monastery. The monastery was the first in the world to be dedicated to St Gerard.

Sculpture background

A Wellington favourite, Max Patte's Solace of the Wind (2008) leans north into the harbour's harsh gales while displaying its own inner tranquility.

"This city and its elements have been the inspiration for this work [...] the location where the sculpture will reside [...] is significant for me. It represents a time and place where I have felt so much. Wellington is truly a unique place to live."

The artist, Max Patte was a sculptor at Weta Workshop, and originally loaned the sculpture to the city for a year in the hopes of finding a patron.

There was a sibling sculpture of Solace in the Wind called Reflection located further around the waterfront next to the overbridge leading to Chaffers Park. Reflection was also lent to Wellington Waterfront Ltd. When the loan period's time was up, Patte offered it as a gift to the city – and the city declined. Ian Pike of Wellington Waterfront Ltd told the Capital Times:

"The essence of that is having an eclectic collection of artwork on the waterfront; we saw having something in very similar form and style within 500m of Solace as not desirable. We don’t have two of anything on the waterfront."