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Tail of the Whale

Image by Keith Miller

Tail of the Whale

Artist Colin Webster-Watson
Location Fitzgerald Point, above the Freyberg playground
Tour directions Follow the waterfront east towards Freyberg Pool

Whale of a time

Killing a whale in New Zealand without a permit is punishable by up to six months imprisonment, or a fine of up to $250,000

Sculpture background

This bronze sculpture was cast in Palm Springs, California and donated to the City of Wellington by New Zealand-born sculptor Colin Webster-Watson.

It was while running an orphanage in Alberobello in southern Italy, encouraging children to make artful creations in clay, that Webster-Watson decided to become a sculptor.

Webster-Watson had a love of nature, which he expressed in his sculptures of whales, birds, elephants, and human figures. Throughout his life he surrounded himself with animals, at different times sharing his apartment with an Indian leopard and his bath with an otter.

Colin on becoming a sculptor at 35

Colin with Debbie Reynolds

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