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Te Waka Pou

Image by Keith Miller

Te Waka Pou

Artist Ra Vincent
Location Corner of Herd Street and Oriental Parade
Tour directions Follow Oriental Parade past Freyberg Pool to the corner of Herd Street

Out of your tree

The Pouakani Tree in Pureora, Waikato, is the largest totara tree currently known: more than 13 feet in diameter and nearly 115 feet tall

Sculpture background

Ra Vincent's Te Waka Pou is located on what was once a waka landing site. It symbolically acts as a beacon for those arriving in the Wellington harbour.

Waitangi Park is near the site of the old Waitangi Lagoon which was fed by the Waitangi Stream. It was rich with eel, fish and shellfish and used for centuries by Maori for food gathering, as a source of fresh water, and as a place to launch their waka. 

It consists of two totara beams connected by ornate bronze koru patterns and sits on a base of volcanic rock (andesite) from Taranaki.

The totara beams symbolise both Pacific Island and European migration to this land.

In addition to Te Waka Poi, Ra Vincent is responsible for two other sculptures in Wellington (Wai-titi Landing, Anchor Stone)